Sustainable business, more than a trend

Sustainable business, more than a trend


Sustainable business is a layered notion, without exact definitions or regulations. Not only the ecological aspect, in other words limiting the negative impact on the environment, plays a role. The social and economic context are also of importance: fair trade, a humane work environment, healthy food,…


Consumer demand for sustainable products grows every day and Mulder Natural Foods wishes to join consumers in their quest for sustainability. Here you can learn more about the measures we are implementing.


Energy efficiency, sugar reduction and organic food are some of the well-known terms when it comes to sustainable business. UTZ, RSPO and FSC labels, on the other hand, are less known, but of great importance in the production of our breakfast cereals.



UTZ is an independently controlled label for sustainable and fair trade. The label covers the production of coffee, tea, cocoa and hazelnuts. This system guarantees a sustainable harvest and a fair payment for the farmers. If you want UTZ certified chocolate in your breakfast cereals, then you are in the right place at Mulder Natural Foods.



RSPO stands for Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil and wants to put an end to the uncontrolled production of palm oil. Certified farmers limit the threat to rain forests and the animal species that live there. Mulder Natural Foods is certified to use this sustainable, segregated, palm oil. Even with the RSPO label, a lot of retailers choose to eliminate palm oil from their products. This is another challenge our R&D team loves to take on, by, for example, replacing it with sunflower oil.



FSC or Forest Stewardship Council strives for a sustainable forest management. This can be done in various ways, but above all involves a first-class protection of flora and fauna. Maintaining the forest resources is its main goal. We would love to inform you on which FSC packaging we can use for your product.


Sustainable business has gained popularity in recent years, including in the food industry. It would be too simple to describe it as just a trend. It is a thorough change of mentality in all layers of the supply chain. Mulder Natural Foods chooses not to miss