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Respect for our sustainable Mulder family!

We are passionate about developing and producing breakfast cereals with respect for our people, our environment, our stakeholders, in short - our Mulder family.


People / Prosperity / Peace / Partnership / Planet

Under the VOKA Sustainable Entrepreneurship Charter, we actively contribute to a peaceful planet in which, together with our partners, we want to help create prosperity for all.


duurzaam ondernemen

VOKA Sustainable Entrepreneurship Charter

Care for the people, prosperity, peace, partnership, and planet are given a prominent place at Mulder Breakfast Cereals. We are aware of our company’s influence on our environment, and want to play a positive role in this. That’s why we subscribe to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations. Our sustainability efforts were rewarded, and we received the Voka Sustainable Entrepreneurship Charter (VCDO 22) certificate on 29 June 2022.


At Mulder, our employees take centre stage. We devote attention to an ergonomic and pleasant working environment where people treat each other with respect. Training is an important way to help people grow in their jobs and in the company. We also provide a number of training courses specifically focused on caring for each other’s safety.

Our impact on the environment

Mulder Breakfast Cereals is committed to continuously improving the organisation’s environmental impact through the implementation of an environmental management system (in accordance with ISO 14001). We are convinced that environmental care is a concern for everyone, everywhere, and at all times. That’s another reason we invest in training; so that every employee can actively contribute to a better world for everyone. Every day is a new opportunity to do even better.

Sustainable packaging

In collaboration with Climate Partner, Mulder Breakfast Cereals is exploring the Packaging Material Footprint of packaging at different stages of its life cycle. This enables us to help our customers choose the packaging that has the least impact on the environment. We can suggest a recyclable alternative for every packaging. If you have questions, please contact our employees who receive thorough in-house training to support our customers with the correct advice.

Code of conduct for our suppliers

At Mulder Breakfast Cereals, we adhere to a number of ethical principles that are important to us when doing business. We expect the partners/suppliers we work with to respect and comply with those same principles. This is why we have created a Supplier Code of Conduct. Together with our suppliers, partners, and employees, we consciously build a sustainable long-term relationship and a sustainable future.*

Mooimakers (association for public cleaning in Flanders)

Mulder Breakfast Cereals is an official Mooimaker (cleaner approved by the association) with a registered clean-up area that’s nearly 28 football fields in size. That clean-up area runs around the company. Every second Tuesday of the month, several colleagues go out and pick up litter. This activity allows us to combine need and virtue. Together, we create a pleasant and tidy neighbourhood.

dwars door beveren

Pinocchio vzw

In June, Mulder Breakfast Cereals traditionally supports Dwars Door Beveren, a running competition organised by the Roeselare fire brigade. Numerous colleagues take part in this competition, either by participating in the race or lending a hand behind the scenes. All the proceeds go to the non-profit organisation Pinocchio, which supports children with burn injuries. In addition, Mulder Breakfast Cereals is also committed to other social projects.

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