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So much choice?

Looking for the best solution for producing breakfast cereals under your brand or private label? Mulder Breakfast Cereals produces a vast array of cereals that includes muesli, crunchy, granola, extrusion, co-extrusion and flakes in both conventional and organic form. Here’s a taste of the products we have on offer and can develop together with you under your brand.

Tasty and healthy!

Mulder Breakfast Cereals develops the most delicious breakfast cereals day after day in collaboration with our customers.

We treat the ingredients nature gives us with respect and choose breakfast cereals with quality ingredients, natural aromas, and without preservatives.

At the same time, we respond to our customers’ wishes and requirements and current food trends. For instance, we optimise the sugar, added salt, and (saturated) fat content of our products. The end consumer is not forgotten either. This is reflected in our commitment to a clean and clear label with a short ingredient list and as many pure ingredients as possible.

We also offer organic breakfast cereals.



Packaging is a determining factor for the appearance of your product. At Mulder Breakfast Cereals, we have the quality, experience and know-how to pack your product as you desire. Interested in printed foil? Prefer a bag-in-box? Big or small portions? Share your preferences with us and together we’ll find the best possible solution.

Contact us for more info:

Send us an e-mail salesmnf@muldernaturalfoods.be
or give us a call: +32 51 70 82 82