Breakfast on-the-go

Breakfast on-the-go

In the time frame of a couple of generations, life as we know it underwent massive changes. Thanks to the digitalization and the general improvement of our standard of living, the pool of possible activities increased enormously. Other than work or school, there are so much more options with regards to how we can, want, have to spend our time. This not only leads to a daily hustle and bustle, it also affects our eating habits: no longer can we take everything for granted, no longer can we draw a clear line between the different meals in a day, no longer are we able or do we need to take the time for a breakfast moment.


Breakfast on-the-go

As we often don’t have time to eat at the breakfast table during the week, breakfast on-the-go solutions were created. The common denominator is that they require little or no preparation, you can take them with you and eat them standing or in movement. At Mulder Natural Foods these market trends are also picked up. Convenient cups to which you can add milk or yogurt, little bags in snacking portions… Together we can look for your preferred on-the-go solutions.


Breakfast cereals are no longer limited to the breakfast time

The growing presence of easy and quick breakfast snacks does not mean that the traditional breakfast cereals are disappearing. A bowl of cereals with milk during a late night movie or a granola with yogurt as an afternoon snack are no longer the exception. Traditional breakfasts and daytime snacks can change positions, giving the possibility to enjoy what is traditionally labeled as breakfast cereals at any moment of the day.


Eating becomes an experience

Thanks to the millennial generation, conventional times or meals are becoming less important. Even though it has been a long time since eating was considered a necessity to survive, the aforementioned generation is taking this to a new level. Eating is becoming more and more of an experience in itself. In contrast with the quick snacking moments, free time leads to quality time that often involves eating. This applies to breakfast cereals as well. On different locations around the world, ‘breakfast cereal bars’ are being opened, serving cereals all day long. Examples are Cereal Heaven (Belgium), Cereal Hunters Cafe (Spain), Cereal Killer Cafe (United Kingdom), Cereal House (France) and Flakes Corner (Germany).


Traditions are being broken and habits are changing, human kind keeps evolving. At Mulder we choose to evolve with you and especially with your desires and preferences.