About sugar in breakfast cereals

About sugar in breakfast cereals


Consumers attach more and more importance to a healthy and balanced diet. And there’s no way around it, sugar no longer fits into this picture. An excessive sugar intake is linked to, among other things, obesity, diabetes and bad teeth. In short, sugar is an enemy of public health. Sugar reduction and the search for sugar substitutes is therefore a real trend within the food industry. In fact, it is a trend that is also supported and strengthened by the government.


For Mulder as well as for our customers, sugar reduction has been high on the agenda for a while. The lowering of sugar in breakfast cereals (just as in other foods) is not an easy job. Sugar does not only enhance the flavour, it also has a number of other properties that are crucial for breakfast cereals, for example, the clustering of crunchy muesli. This is why we continue our search for alternatives to granulated sugar, that are also acceptable to the consumer on an ethical and ecological level.


Although sugar reduction poses certain challenges, it is a fascinating and enriching process for Mulder and its R&D team. On the one hand, we are working continuously on sugar reduction within existing product groups, with a view to maintaining the specific properties of these products. We already produce breakfast cereals that are only sweetened with honey, extrusion products with reduced sugar, crispy muesli with stevia and crunchy mueslis with a reduced sugar content that still retain their typical clusters.


On the other hand, we also develop new product types that can meet even stricter requirements. Our toasted muesli for example comes in different varieties with less than 5g of sugar per 100g. On these products the claim "low in sugar" can be mentioned according to the European Union regulation (EC No. 1924/2006) on nutrition and health claims made on foods.


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