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Respect for people and the environment… naturally!

We aim to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible and to raise awareness of this among our suppliers, customers, partners and employees. Our products are sustainable in every way. We always try to find the best balance between ecology and economics.

The word ‘breakfast cereals’ speaks for itself: the basic ingredient of our products are cereals, a natural product to which seeds, nuts, fruit and more are added. Below you’ll find some examples of our health efforts:

  • Wholegrains: the whole grain is processed in the product. The outer layer of the grain - the bran - contains a lot of dietary fibres that are favourable to digestion in combination with a well-balanced diet. Betà-glucan is one of the main dietary fibres that are present in oats. With sufficient daily intake, these dietary fibres can help assuring a healthy cholesterol and glucose level.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids: our breakfast cereals are fortified with omega 3 fatty acids. These contribute to the proper functioning of the heart and blood vessels, vision and the brain.
  • Our breakfast cereals can also be fortified with proteins, vitamins and/or minerals.
  • We aim for breakfast cereals with natural ingredients.
  • Less sugar: we are always looking for alternatives to granulated sugar. We already develop products that are only sweetened with honey. Our range also includes crunchy mueslis with Stevia and reduced sugar content.

Health is of the utmost importance to us. Our R&D team is ready to develop recipes to your wishes. Contact us for more info!

Contact us for more info:

Send us an e-mail (salesmnf [at] muldernaturalfoods.be)
or give us a call: +32 51 70 82 82