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Respect for people and the environment… naturally!

We aim to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible and to raise awareness of this among our suppliers, customers, partners and employees. Our products are sustainable in every way. We always try to find the best balance between ecology and economics.


Mulder has been an ISO 14001 certified company since 2011. We are constantly expanding and optimising our environmental management system. Our waste management is based on an annual environmental action plan, which also regulates aspects like water consumption and environmental factors. Our company’s ecological footprint is being reduced to a minimum through the use of modern machinery and preventive maintenance.


Apart from efficient planning, high-efficiency electric motors also ensure low energy consumption. We have deliberately chosen to use natural gas in order to reduce our CO2 emissions and air pollution to a minimum. By the way, did you know that 99% of our emissions consist of water vapour?

Waste management

We avoid waste flows through a flawless production process and well-trained operators. The residual waste from our cereals can be used as an ingredient in animal feed. All packaging waste (foils, cardboard, etc.) is collected and disposed of in our own containers. The bypass flow per ton of breakfast cereals produced is decreasing by the year.


Our machinery is obviously cleaned on a very regular basis. The wastewater is collected in an internal sewer system and then pumped over to a tank, from where it is transferred to an external processor. The amount of wastewater per ton of breakfast cereals produced is decreasing. Impermeable floors (such as epoxy and polished concrete) and storing hazardous substances above special receptacles enable us to prevent soil contamination.

Raw materials

The raw materials we use are carefully selected, so that we can always offer products that are as pure and natural as possible.


Our packaging consists primarily of recycled materials.

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