As one of the leading European producers of breakfast cereals, we consider Research & Development of paramount importance.

Existing products

A Research & Development team is constantly working on optimising the existing breakfast cereal range.

Nutritional aspects

Every effort is being taken in order to constantly improve the nutritional aspects of all products with special care for :

  • fat and fatty acids content and how to lower it
  • sugar content and how to optimize it
  • fibre content and how to raise it
  • sodium content and how to optimize it

Natural Food

As our name, Mulder Natural Foods, clearly reflects, ‘natural’ is a term that we feel very strongly about. That is why we always highly recommend to use mainly natural flavourings and ingredients without preservatives.

New products

Our R&D team, together with our sales team, is constantly on the watch for the new developments regarding breakfast cereals in the ever changing market. Recently we managed to obtain excellent results using stevia, omega 3, probiotics and cholesterol lowering products in our granola. Our aim is to continue developing new products in close consultation with our clients.