Mulder Natural Foods

Mulder Natural Foods N.V. is one of the leading European producers of Private Label Breakfast Cereals and offers B2B cereal solutions for food industry. The company has in Belgium a state of the art, ultra modern production unit, where an extended range of as well conventional as organic products are produced according to the highest quality norms.


The roots of Mulder Natural Foods are in the Netherlands, where the company was founded some 30 years ago. The company was acquired in 1999, and in 2004 the production was moved to the new plant in Belgium. The production site is very close to the Maselis company, producing the basic ingredients. Thanks to this vertical integration, Mulder Natural Foods is in a very good position to offer high quality products at competitive prices.

Maselis Group


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Breakfast cereals

We produce an extended range of breakfast cereals : muesli, crisp muesli (crunchy, granola ), a range of extruded products (filled cereals, choco shells, honey balls, choco balls, rice crisps, honey rings etc), as well as flakes (corn flakes, frosted flakes, rice/wheatflakes).


Mulder Natural Foods is specialized in the production of Private Label Breakfast Cereals, and has clients in about 60 countries, inside and outside Europe. Apart from the Private Label production and the B2B cereal solutions, we have also our own brand Tilo’s. Under this brand we offer good quality products in an attractive international packaging.


Quality is of paramount importance in our company, and this in each division. The Mulder Natural Foods site is highly automated and has obtained the IFSSuperior Level – and the BRCA Level – certificates.


Mulder Natural Foods cares about the environment and puts a lot of efforts in managing its environmental impact. A live and active environmental management system is operational at Mulder Natural Foods and we are fully certified to ISO 14001.